How to Submit a Great Support Ticket

Product development is a continuous process and users might encounter issues while using the product like theme or plugin. In such cases, we are always there for you to help you with any problems. This article Walks you through the steps for sending a proper support ticket.

Before sending the issue:

  • We recommend you use the latest version of WordPress Core, Theme and Plugins (including our products).
  • Plugin conflicts: Developing a site might require lots of plugins. So multiple plugins might conflict with each other. If there is a functionality break in our theme/plugin then, you need to try deactivating all other plugins and just test with our theme or plugin. If the functionality of our products still breaks after deactivating all plugins then there might be an issue with our product. If it does not break our product functionality then try activating plugins one by one and check the functionality of our product. This will help find the plugin that has conflict with our product. With the support email, you send please include these findings.

Reporting Issue:

1. Issue screenshots

Screenshots help to give a clear picture of the issue. You can take a screenshot of the area or page which have the issue and include that in the email. You can use the following tools to take screenshots:

2. Recording Video

Recording a video of the issue or question you have helps us to find the exact issue and help us find solutions more effectively and quickly. You can use the following tools to record video:

3. Sending system information

System information helps us to learn more about your site. You can access it by logging into your WordPress admin area and visiting Tools » Site Health page. Switch to the ‘Info’ tab on the Site Health page. From here, you will see important system information neatly organized into categories.

Now click on the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button to copy all the information. After that, you can just paste in support email.

4. Sending temporary login
4.1 WordPress Dashboard Login:

Sometimes we need to check your site to check for issues that we could not replicate the issue in our server. So in such a case, we might need temporary login to your site. Please follow the steps:

  • Backup your site: Make a confirmation that you have fully backed up your website. So that incase there are any issues while testing we can restore it back.
  • Create temporary login: Use this plugin which helps to create temporary login.
  • Please new user role as Administrator.
  • Send a temporary login link generated by the plugin.
4.2 FTP Login:

If your site is breaking due to our product or sometime your site has issue in importing templates then we would require FTP login to your site. So that incase something is broken we can revert it back asap.

After you sign up for a web hosting plan, the majority of web hosts will email you these details. The welcome email you get from your server contains your FTP information: Keep in mind that your cPanel and FTP login and password are typically the same. Your domain name often serves as your hostname.

Example FTP Details:

Username: MyUsername321
Password: Change Password
Live Web Directory: public_html/